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Before becoming an author, Allan Horlick was a senior television-broadcasting executive, largely for NBC-TV. Allan’s various leadership roles included 10 years as the President & General Manager of NBC4 in Washington, D.C. On the international front, Allan was the Director of Launch Operations for CNBC Asia based in Hong Kong, and later became the President and Managing Director of NBC and CNBC Europe, based in London.

The Legend of “Will Hardy and Gordo the Stud” is Allan’s second book. His first novel was titled, “Rabbit’s Foot…A Gift from My Father,” which is being re-released in 2023 as well.

Allan and his wife Darlene live in Chevy Chase, Maryland, where they enjoy the blessing of having their two children, Neil and Ellen, living close by in addition to two lovely young granddaughters, Gabriella and Shaina.

When he is not writing, Allan can be found most every early morning working out at his health club and then on the golf course whenever the weather allows.

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The Legend of Will
Hardy & Gordo the Stud

  • Publishing Date
  • June 16, 2023
  • Publisher
  • Amazon Publishing
  • Categories
  • Fictional, Magical, Fiction

If you liked watching famous baseball players from cornfields, The Legend of Will Hardy and Gordo the Stud would interest you. Golf fans may appreciate knowing about golf’s century-old history. Rare opportunity to learn about sports’ growth. Gordo the Stud applies to amateur golfers. His golfing struggles and successes may resonate with us, making his story more fascinating. This tale has thrilling moments that will keep you reading. The conclusion is lovely. Do not miss it!

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  • Republish in 2024
  • Publishing Date
  • Amazon Publishing
  • Publisher
  • Fictional, Magical, Fiction
  • Categories

The gift that Joshua Brown receives from his father is a desperately needed understanding that every minute of our lives is precious, but never more so than when we are with the people we love. Magically though, this gift comes to Josh more than twenty-five years after the sudden death of his father. Since that fateful day, Josh has become a successful thirty-six year old executive, but sadly he has also become a man who hasn’t let anyone into his heart, not even his wife or children. Then one day, Josh’s carefully crafted life takes a surprising twist when he meets a stranger who he comes to believe is the father that he’d lost more than twenty-five years earlier!

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Allan Horlick

Senior Television-Broadcasting Executive. (NBC-TV)

Publishing Books:
  • The Legend of Will Hardy & Gordo the Stud
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